Features Adept TeamBeam Server:

Monthly transfer volume unlimited
Administration interface The Adept TeamBeam Server is administrated via a convenient, web-based interface. If desired, the Adept TeamBeam Server can be managed by multiple administrators
Data portal Each user has a personal login to access the data portal “my.Adept TeamBeam”. There he can view detailed information about his account and the status of his transfers
Domain Server customers can choose a suitable domain name such as your-company.teambeam.com or transfer.your-company.com
Individual Design All components are comprehensively branded and integrated perfectly into your existing corporate design scheme
Supported Languages German, English, French, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Russian, Japanese, Korean
Availability 99 {3fb6a5c8c4c34cc35bdb99b7cb3b1eba59a1d221b023d11cbab657ecb4009bcb} (guaranteed), > 99.9 {3fb6a5c8c4c34cc35bdb99b7cb3b1eba59a1d221b023d11cbab657ecb4009bcb} (measured long-term average)
Performance All our servers are connected to the Internet with a 1GB connection
Staff accounts Users with staff accounts can send files to an unlimited number of recipients
Customer accounts Users with customer accounts are allowed to send data to predefined recipients only
Bidirectional staff accounts Bidirectional staff accounts allow users to send files to an unlimited number of recipients. Furthermore, files can be sent directly to this account by anyone with internet access
Data storage / Hosting Optionally in the Adept TeamBeam data centre (ASP) or in your own data centre (corporate installation)
Reporting The accounting report gives detailed information about how much the service was used by individual staff members and is designed for internal accounting purposes. The audit report includes further information about the data that has been transferred, it shows who transferred which data to whom and when

Additional Features:

Adept TeamBeam Public With Adept TeamBeam Public, you can enable special employees or recipient groups to also receive large data from external business partners. The sender does not need a Adept TeamBeam account, files can be uploaded via WebUpload. The upload form can also be integrated into your website
Adept TeamBeam Drive Your online dataspace: Manage individual project folders, Team areas and public download folders. Easy to administrate, clear and convenient
Malware protection If this option is installed, every transfer is automatically scanned for malware. Infected transfers are clearly marked, and a notification e-mail informs both the sender and the recipient about the infected file(s)
Checksum generation By activating this optional feature, a unique checksum is generated for every transferred file. This checksum can be used as a verification for the content of each transfer, if for example legal difficulties between the sender and the recipient require such an evidence
Extended storage period The standard storage period for Adept TeamBeam transfers can be configured by the Admin, with a maximum value of 31 days. On request, the maximum storage period can be extended to 90 days

User Features

Maximum file size Restricted only by the file system. Even large data in the terabyte range can be transferred
Client Data transfer via a convenient Java Client or via a browser of your choice
Notifications The recipient receives a notification containing a download link. If the recipient fails to download the transfer within a given period (configured via Adept TeamBeam Admin), another notification will remind him to do so before the transfer expires
Delivery confirmation As soon as the recipient has downloaded the file, the sender receives a delivery confirmation
Addressing modes There are no restrictions concerning the number of recipients a transfer is sent to. Additional recipients can be added by using the CC and BCC field
Transfer priority The priority can be set individually for each transfer
Signatures Signatures can be defined globally by the Administrator. In addition to that, users can also define an individual signature
Resume upload The Java Client deals with connection issues automatically and continues interrupted transfers as soon as the network becomes available again
Validity period The period of validity can be set individually for each transfer. The Administrator can also globally predefine transfers as “once-only”. If he chooses to do so, every transfer is automatically deleted after being downloaded for the first time

Contract types:

Accounting period /Contract duration 3 months (other contract durations are available upon request)
Notice period 10 days
Basic package 99 Euros
Staff accounts 3 Euros each
Bidirectional staff accounts 5 Euros each
Customer accounts 1 Euro each

Reception module Adept TeamBeam Public Depending on transfer volume

10 GB/month 9 Euros
20 GB/month 19 Euros
50 GB/month 29 Euros
> 50 GB/month on request

Online hard disk Adept TeamBeam Drive

5 GB Free
50 GB 15 Euros
100 GB 30 Euros
250 GB 60 Euros
1 TB 150 Euros
> 1 TB on request

Malware protection

Up to 10 accounts 9 Euros
Up to 25 accounts 19 Euros
> 25 accounts 49 Euros


Maintenance contract 99 Euros
One-off setup fee 800 Euros

Enhanced options

Checksum generation 49 Euros
Extended storage period (3 months) 50 Euros

All prices stated exclude VAT/Tax and are per month unless stated as a one-off set up fee. You will be invoiced in Euros directly by Skalio (the publisher of Adept TeamBeam)


Data storage All data is securely stored on encrypted hard disks. The encryption key that is used is aes-cbcessiv: sha256 and the key size is 128 bits. Skalio always uses dedicated servers, to which only Skalio employees have access
Data transfer Adept TeamBeam uses SSL encryption (AES 256 bit or equivalent) for transfers in either direction (upload + download). The data is securely transferred via HTTPS. The SSL/TLS configuration received an A-rating from the SSL Labs: https://www.ssllabs.com. The Adept TeamBeam mail server supports the TLS protocol so that e-mails are encrypted as long as the receiving mail server also supports TLS
Server location All Adept TeamBeam servers are located in Germany and are exclusively subject to German law
Password guidelines Administrators have the option to enforce specific password characteristics on a server-wide basis
Anonymisation For data protection purposes all data is deleted at the end of the transfer validity period. If specific information about the transfers is needed for review purposes, customers may apply in writing to have the anonymisation feature deactivated
Malware protection Malware- and virus check is available as an additional option. In case of a positive result, the transfer is marked as “infected” and both, the sender and the recipient, receive a warning message by e-mail
Password-protected transfers For additional safety, transfers can be protected with a password
Security updates The Adept TeamBeam software is updated automatically on a regular basis and is continuously enhanced to meet the current security requirements
Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Skalio is happy to sign NDAs whenever requested to do so. At the end of the contract, all data including the associated online backups will be completely deleted
Software quality Adept TeamBeam was developed according to our “best practise” approach for secure web applications. All developers involved are fully qualified web developers. The quality of our software has been tested and confirmed by external security experts