When choosing a data transfer infrastructure, one of the most important requirements is that the solution is audit-proof and meets the standards of internal IT compliance regulations.

These security measures include:

Data storage:
All data is securely stored on encrypted hard disks. The encryption key that is used is aes-cbcessiv: sha256 and the key size is 128 bits. Skalio always uses dedicated servers, to which only Skalio employees have access.

Data transfer:
Adept TeamBeam uses SSL encryption (AES 256 bit or equivalent) for transfers in either direction (upload + download). The data is securely transferred via HTTPS.
The SSL/TLS configuration received an A-rating from the SSL Labs: https://www.ssllabs.com.
The Adept TeamBeam mail server supports the TLS protocol so that e-mails are also encrypted as long as the receiving mail server also supports TLS.
Server location:
All Adept TeamBeam servers are located in Germany and are exclusively subject to German law.

Password guidelines:
Administrators have the option to enforce specific password characteristics on a server-wide basis.

For data protection purposes all data is deleted at the end of the transfer validity period. If specific information about a transfer is needed for review purposes, customers may apply in writing to have the anonymisation feature deactivated.

Malware protection:
If this option is installed, every transfer is automatically scanned for malware. Infected transfers are clearly marked, and a notification e-mail informs both the sender and the recipient about the infected file(s).

Password-protected transfers:
For additional safety, transfers can be protected with a password. Passwords are always encrypted and never stored in plain text.

Security updates:
The Adept TeamBeam software is updated automatically on a regular basis and is continuously enhanced to meet the current security requirement.

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Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA):
Skalio is happy to sign NDAs whenever requested to do so. At the end of the contract, all data including the associated online backups will be completely deleted.

Software quality:
Adept TeamBeam was developed according to our “best practise” approach for secure web applications. All developers involved are fully qualified web developers. The quality of our software has been tested and confirmed by external security experts.