Unlock the value in your data with Diagnostic Data AI (Diag Data AI)

Diagnostic Data Artificial Intelligence or DIAG DATA AI is a consulting and accompaniment service delivered by a Dynacentrix Data Science and Machine Learning expert (PhD or Master of Science).

Understanding the past and building the future

With the objective of helping you to identify new paths for growth through innovation based on the data generated by you or your clients, we target a quick win before putting your predictive reports into production. This allows the Data Scientist to spend more time analyzing the data.

Dynacentrix transforms your business need into a Data Science need and helps you evaluate whether you have all the necessary elements to deploy a solution.

Diag DATA AI is not only for large organizations. It can help small- and medium-sized businesses put in place an Artificial Intelligence solution in the service of a digital transformation.

French government incentives for Diag DATA AI : (if eligible)

For companies with fewer than 2000 people, Dynacentrix helps you to submit your request for between 3.000€ and 10.000 € based on how intensive the training program is (3 to 10 days).

50% of the cost (incl. VAT) is covered by our finance partner: you will have no financial outlay for this segment of the cost if your request is accepted.

50% of the cost (incl. VAT) is paid to Dynacentrix which is paid by the partner.

Note: This workshop is also available as Training / coaching which makes it eligible for your OPCO training budget (France only).

An upfront understanding of your business is a critical step in the success of your project. Unfortunately, this crucial step is often ignored, and some projects go directly into the data collection phase. 70% of projects never make it out of the Data lab.


Once potential project objectives have been identified, Data Science is your path to success through the prioritization of company objectives and finding the quick win needed to put into production your Enterprise AI solution. This preparation upfront with Diag DATA AI from Dynacentrix guarantees the success of your project.

diag data ai

Overall objective of  Diag DATA AI:

Define tangible user cases and validate the collection of all data
Prioritization of projects by interest and instant ROI or ROV Return On Value
Validation of the data set delivered

Interaction between the client’s project team and the Dynacentrix team:

Meeting with the client and our data scientist team who will be responsible for processing the data and the development of the algorithm or the Enterprise AI solution
• Precise description of the client’s issues and the application context.
• Explanation of the data gathering protocol and its storage architecture (for example, perhaps including data pre-processing).
• Presentation of the algorithm currently used by the client, if there is one, or the current solution, with its parameters tested and retained.
• Discussion around performance of the current algorithm or solution and team input in order to identify weaknesses and devise improvements.
• Discussion of the questions raised by the objective analysis of the data files.
• Definition of the technical framework necessary to carry out the Diagnostic Data Workshop.

Workshop deliverable

Powerpoint presentation comprising an initial descriptive analysis of the data sample provided by the client as well as opinions and questions around analysis of the file in preparation for the Data Science as a Service Workshop.
• Evaluation of development options based on data generated
• Framing of the conditions around putting in place a strategic rupture project: risk analysis via a statistical iteration
• Definition of an operational action plan to define the statistical methodology: Random Forests / SVM / Naive Bayes / Boosting/ACP/Design Plans, more than 400 statistical methods can be applied.
• Recommendations for the analytics infrastructure and technical framework if necessary

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