In the services sector, two common pitfalls have a major negative impact on profitability: malfunctions and activities that do not add value.

Malfunctions are costly in that they invariably lead to customer dissatisfaction, are  a waste of time, monopolizing resources and causing demotivated and stressed staff.  Activities that do not add value also overuse resources without leading to increased profitability or the quality of the service delivered.

The alliance of Lean Management and the Six Sigma methodology – Lean Six Sigma – is without a doubt the most effective way to improve service delivery and profitability.

The objective of Lean Six Sigma is to deliver the service faster, with a high level of sustainable quality in order to satisfy clients and staff.

Recent studies show that breakdowns, malfunctions and task redundancy can mean cost overruns of up to 30% of the total cost of the service activity. The Lean Six Sigma approach, based on proven methodologies, tools and techniques can help eliminate malfunctions, defects, delays, interruptions and useless tasks by assembling in one coherent and harmonious unit the most efficient methods and processes.


A few concrete examples:

Improving answering times and the quality of responses given to clients in a call center by balancing call management between front- and back-office staff led to 60 to 90% of calls being closed after only one contact. Savings of 150 K€.

Improving customer satisfaction by making merchandise pickups more reliable in a delivery operation (service level 88% to 99%).

Accelerate the rate of collecting outstanding debts and reducing unpaid invoices from 5% to 2%. Savings of 200K€.

Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Training

Yellow Belt Green Belt Black Belt Black Belt Executive
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Before administering the Green Belt and Black Belt certification tests, Lean Six Sigma training department at Dynacentrix will evaluate the competencies of all trainees to ensure the highest level of success for their IASSC certification.
Dynacentrix’ own accreditation means that some students can use their CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation, France only).
The entire Dynacentrix team is at your disposal to help you choose the appropriate certifications and help you put together your CPF request (France only).
Contact us to obtain the CPF codes and designations for your sector.

The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) is an international certification instance in the Lean Six Sigma arena.

IASSC’s mission is to qualify organizations and its trainers on the basis of representative standards and a Lean Six Sigma knowledge repository. IASSC analysed Dynacentrix’s Lean Six Sigma training programs and recognized their compliance and quality.

Dynacentrix, directly accredited “IASSC ATO” (Accredited Training Organization), is an examination centre authorized to pass IASSC certifications to its trainees.