The fourth industrial revolution is here. The most recent report from the World Economic Forum –   “The Future of Jobs” – notes that from now until 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will create 58 million jobs.

How will you manage these profound changes and quickly train your staff? How, at the dawning of the Age of AI, Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and Augmented Reality, will positions in maintenance, industrial production, logistics, quality, R&D, marketing and sales begin to evolve? Dynacentrix provides robust and affordable solutions to these challenges for organizations of all sizes looking to transform themselves from within. Since 2015, Dynacentrix has been building on its catalogue of human AI services, which are constantly evolving and which depend on cutting-edge solutions, carried out by high-level (PhD and Master) certified Black Belt Consultants.


We help you find the hidden value
in your data and your processes!

data driven

Data Driven
Data is the heart of our DNA

Data Governance, Data Science, Statistics, BI, proven technologies

Application entreprise AI

SIMPLY AI : Enterprise AI Apps + Open Platform

Fast deployment means you have twice as much time to devote to interpretation of the results

Open-AI Platform

Industrialization of your Data Flow- secure Multi-Cloud Infrastructures developed for AI

Helping you become autonomous

80 modules of Training/Coaching, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, R, Python…