Dynacentrix is accredited directly by IASSC


Our Lean Six Sigma courses are eligible for the CPF

The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) is an international certification body in the lean Six Sigma field and listed in the RNCP inventory.

IASSC's mission is to qualify organizations and its trainers on the basis of representative standards and a Lean Six Sigma knowledge repository. IASSC analysed Dynacentrix's Lean Six Sigma training programs and recognized their compliance and quality.

Dynacentrix recertified in September 2018 to meet the new IASSC specifications, for a period of two years. 

In December 2017, Dynacentrix became the leader of IASSC examination centres in France and Europe.

Dynacentrix, directly accredited "IASSC ATO" (Accredited Training Organization), is an examination centre authorized to pass IASSC certifications to its trainees.



Only authorized Of, can order iASSC exam packs in French and on request they can be ordered in English or Spanish.

Three exams (QCMs) are proposed to accurately measure a candidate's Lean Six Sigma skills:


Yellow Belt

$195 HT

2 hours of review
60 multiple-choice questions

minimum score of 230 points out of 300.

File fee: 80 euros HT

Green Belt

$295 HT

3 hours of review
100 multiple-choice questions

minimum score of 385 points out of 500.

File fee: 80 euros HT

Black Belt

€395 HT

4 hours of review
150 multiple-choice questions

minimum score of 580 points out of 700.

The Lean Six Si

gma department of Dynacentrix offers to test the skills of its trainees to ensure the best success rate for the IASSC certification.

Dynacentrix accreditation will allow trainees from certain professional branches to use their CPF (Personal Training Account).

The entire Dynacentrix team is at your disposal to learn about IASSC certifications and help you build a CPF file with your OPCO or Employment Centre.

Contact us to get your branch's designation and CPF code.

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