Six experts will advise the young, innovative company

Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, 14 November, 2019. Dynacentrix, the premier integrator in the domains of Artificial Intelligence – Enterprise AI, Industry 4.0 and operational excellence, announces the six members of its newly-created Advisory Board.

  • Salima Bouayad AGHA – Professor, LE MANS UNIVERSITE-ENSAE
  • Luc BADIER – Marketing Director, MICROSOFT
  • Steven HELLEC – Head of Data Science-IA, ELLISPHERE
  • Pierre HOFFER – Pre-Sales Director, EMEA, AI-HPC HPE
  • Alexis VAN – CTO, FUJITSU
  • Sergio Henrique WERNER – Cloud Director, CAP GEMINI

The Advisory Board will be led by Mr. Daniel CORFMAT, President of the ADAE (Association des Dirigeants et Administrateurs d’Entreprise), an expert on Governance and board member of various companies.

Dynacentrix has put in place this new form of governance in support of its growth and since being named a winner of the Scale’UP programme under the auspices of the European Commission.

The role of Advisory Board members will be to accompany and illuminate the strategic direction of Dynacentrix in the short- and long-term for Europe-EMEA. This mature governance will underpin the company’s performance and solidify it as a long-term player. And it will help Dynacentrix as it solicits future funding and follows the guidelines outlined in France’s « loi Pacte » to take into consideration the interests of all stakeholders in a company.

“We are particularly pleased to welcome to our Advisory Board these six experts who will accompany our growth. They will bring us their expertise in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, operational excellence for Big Data and Industry 4.0 projects”, stated Jean François Dessaux, the President of Dynacentrix.

* About Dynacentrix


Dynacentrix is an integrator in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and operational excellence for Big Data and Industry 4.0 projects. Dynacentrix is specialised in next-generation Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, executing Predictive Analyses based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions, and they guarantee the quality of their results. Their catalogue of 80 training modules helps clients to develop their competencies in the areas of statistics, Data Science-AI and Continuous Improvement.


Contacts :    

  • Daniel CORFMAT, Governance President, info@dynacentrix.com, 06 76 28 43 53
  • Jean François Dessaux, jfdessaux@dynacentrix.com, 01 72 92 05 58
  • Amy Porter, Press Relations, RP@dynacentrix.com, 01 72 92 05 58